Who We Are

Here's the short history: once upon a time, a Toyota store bought four seats for the Twins on a 20-game basis. We used the tickets for employee incentives and customer giveaways. It worked out well, and the next year we upgraded to a half-season package. At that time, we also improved our seats by a few rows (section 227, row 4, near the aisle).  And that was before the Twins figured out that the first few rows of the upper deck behind home plate are actually pretty darn good seats (as baseball in a stupid auditorium goes...), so they were a bargain. (Since that time, of course, the Twins have caught on, and the prices have gone up a bit.)

When the dealership chose not to renew, a forward-thinking young lad looked in his crystal ball, saw Target Field coming, and made a desperate hail-mary decision to buy the tickets and maintain the few years of seniority we'd accrued.  Hoping that would improve seat selection at Target Field.

Now the tickets have evolved to a new account name, CARTEL8791.COM - nothing more than an arbitrary name to the new ticket membership group being formed.  (And of course any Twins fan will quickly crack the code on 87 and 91!)